Silver/Silver Chloride Reference Electrode


Reference Electrode for laboratory use

Portable Reference Electrode for use in water

Permanent Reference Electrode for concrete installation

images/corrosion/Ag-AgCl Ref Elec in use.JPG
Electrode with weight used in the field


AMAC, MC Miller, Tinker & Rasor and Borin reference electrodes are manufactured in accordance with industry standards.

These Silver/Silver Chloride Reference Electrodes are used to obtain electrical potentials on buried or submerged structures.



Electrodes are used in the following environments both in the laboratory and in the field:

  • Seawater
  • Saline waters
  • Concrete

Reference electrodes are for either permanent installations or portable (field and laboratory) use.


AMAC assembled reference electrodes for field use come in a protective PVC case to achieve the longest possible service life. This case is available with or without an additional weight for turbulent waters.

Instructions for use are available, please contact us for a copy.