Impressed Current Anodes-Lead/Silver

Standard lead silver anode types


Lead/silver/antimony anodes are an impressed current anode for use in sea water applications. The weight of the anode makes them ideal for suspension in marine applications.

Our cable encapsulation process includes an epoxy resin that ensures no ingress of moisture.


Lead silver anodes are almost exclusively used in salt water applications. The anodes need to be in free water; if buried, anodes can fail in a very short period of time.


The formation and maintenance of a lead oxide layer (PbO2) on the surface of the anode is essential. This layer is the anode material that emits the current, the lead acts only as a conductor and is the source of the lead oxide. Lead oxide is insoluble in sea water.


The nominal operating current density of these anodes is 160-220 Amp/m2 and the lead consumption rate is about 0.1kg/amp.year in sea water.

Standard Sizes*:

1. 70mm Ø x 900mm long – 40kg anode
2. 70mm Ø x 1100mm long with Expanded Head - 55kg anode
3. 50mm Ø x 940mm long with Expanded Head - 21kg anode
4. 110mm Ø x 500mm long tapered – 25kg anode

*Other sizes are available on request

55kg lead silver anodes being packed