Copper/Copper Sulphate Reference Electrode

Portable Reference Electrodes for use in the field

Permanent Reference Electrodes - concrete and burial

Permanent Reference Electrode for concrete installation




AMAC Corrosion offer a complete line of Copper/Copper Sulphate Reference Electrodes with proven track records for reliability and durability. Portable and permanent reference electrodes are manufactured in accordance with industry standards. AMAC Corrosion are proud to distribute the Tinker & Rasor  and GMC reference electrodes as pictured on the left

These Copper/Copper Sulphate Reference Electrodes are used to obtain electrical potentials on buried or submerged structures.



Electrodes are used in the following environments both in the laboratory and in the field:

  • Soils
  • Fresh waters
  • Concrete

Reference electrodes are for either permanent installations or portable (field and laboratory) use.



Accessories and replacement parts are available for most copper/copper sulphate reference electrodes. These include replacement tips, copper sulphate crystals, extension handles, submersible adaptors and more.

Instructions for use are available, please contact us for a copy.