Copper/Copper Sulphate Reference Electrode

Portable Reference Electrodes for use in the field

Permanent Reference Electrode for concrete installation


Copper/Copper Sulphate Reference Electrodes are used to measure potentials in environments where no chlorides are present.

AMAC supply Tinker and RasorTM portable reference electrodes. Permanent reference electrodes (as per bottom left), and are also supplied pre-packaged in a gypsum/bentonite mix.



Electrodes are used in the following environments:

  • Laboratory
  • In the field
  • Soils
  • Fresh Water
  • Concrete

    Copper/Copper Sulphate reference electrodes are for either permanent installations or portable (field and laboratory) use.



    All Reference Electrodes are made from the most durable materials available, to withstand years of harsh, even severe field use! These fully "serviceable" electrodes can be recharged to assure accurate readings for many years. Replacement "Tips" and supplies are available

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