Carbonaceous Backfill


Coke BreezeCoke-Breeze


Carbonaceous Backfill also known as Coke Breeze is calcined carbon. It is used to surround impressed current anodes to improve the efficiency of the anode, the coke also adds additional anode material to the cathodic protection circuit.

AMAC supply many different coke breeze backfills, most popularly Asbury 251P and Loresco SC3.


  • Increases available anode surface area which increases anode life.
  • Decreases anode to earth resistance.
  • Decreases gas blockage and drying tendencies to aid in preventing cave-ins while maintaining
    hole integrity.

 Asbury 251PLoresco SC3
Nominal Size:20 x 200 MeshMax Particle Size 1mm
Carbon %:99.8099.35
Bulk Density
1041 kg/m3
(65 lbs/cu ft)
1185 kg/m3
(74 lbs/cu ft)
Resistivity:0.02 Ω.cmNo data
Std Bag Size*:25kg22.7kg

 * Also available in one-ton super sacks or other special packaging you may require.

Coke brreeze is manufactured to precise specifications and monitored to maintain quality.

A certificate of analysis is available with each shipment if requested.