Prototite is a specialised casting alloy based on electrolytic zinc. It has good mechanical properties, excellent machinability and exceptional reproduction of fine detail. Casting does not require a foundry.


Plastic moulds for blow-molding, vacuum forming and most injection and compression moulding.


  • Hardness can equal mild steel.
  • Machinability better than aluminium.
  • Reproduction of details allows for mould cavities, even finely textured surfaces such as leather cloth finishes to be used directly as cast.
  • A variety of techniques both pattern making and casting are suitable, including casting in sand, ultra fine facing sand or against plaster ceramic or metal masters.
  • Remeltable and recastable several times provided that precautions are taken to prevent contamination.
  • Prototite may be affected by some chemical solutions. Simple tests are recommended in case of doubt.
  • Note: Pattern allowance for shrinkage – approx. 0.1 mm/cm (⅛"/ft)