About AMAC Alloys

Since 1974, AMAC Alloys, an acronym for The August Metal and Alloy Company, has built its reputation on dedication to excellence, supply of quality products and delivery of professional services. Our standing as one of Australia’s leading alloy producers is enhanced by our ability to provide cost-effective solutions for projects in a wide range of industries including shipping, manufacturing, metal fabrication, medical, construction, forestry, aviation, radiography, mining, petrochemical, defence and government infrastructure.

Our success stems from our extensive experience and a willingness to gain an understanding of our customer’s production needs. We are particularly proud of the expertise, commitment and accumulated experience of our staff, especially when tackling challenging projects. Our strong tradition of problem solving has earned us a reputation for engineering ingenuity and quality output. We take great pride in being able to provide practical cost effective solutions.

On site operations include a Secondary Ingot Plant producing tin, bismuth, indium, aluminium, zinc, magnesium and lead. Our Master Alloy Plant produces tin based, lead based, aluminium based, zinc based, magnesium based, bismuth and indium alloys. Our plant also includes extensive foundry facilities, fabrication and machining.

Our laboratory facilities include a fully calibrated spectrometer, which is used to analyse specific alloys and to ensure that product quality and consistency is maintained.

From raw material supply, to design, manufacture and fabrication, AMAC Alloys invites you to get to know us and consider how we can best serve your needs.