Specifications available on request.


Specifications available on request.


Specifications available on request.


Ratings: E - Excellent G - Good F - Fair U - Unsuitable
AlloyCorrosion ResistanceMachinability Pressure TightnessWeldabilityTypical Uses / General Comments
AA303FGGGGeneral purpose alloy with a moderate degree of strength. Used for general engineering purposes in such applications as pump bodies, crankcases, auto cylinder heads and blocks.
CA313FGGUThe most widely used general purpose alloy. Used principally for pressure diecastings having thin walls such as domestic appliance housings, lawn mower and machinery components, automotive components such as transmission parts, crankcases, heatsinks, timing cases, rocker covers, oil pumps and water pumps.
AA317FGGGGeneral purpose and engineering components.
AA335FFGUWidely used pressure diecasting alloy with high fluidity used for automotive components.
CB401 CC401EFEEWidely used in automotive, marine, chemical, furniture, food processing, domestic appliances and general engineering components.
DA401GFGUGeneral purpose alloy having excellent mould-filling characteristics, used for castings having intricate shape and thin sections. Used for architectural and outdoor furniture parts, meter housings, lawnmower base plates and automotive and domestic appliance components requiring good corrosion resistance.
EA401EFEEGeneral purpose alloy having excellent casting characteristics suitable for thin walled castings. Used for motor housings, meter cases, marine and transport fittings.
AA505EEFFAlloy used for tyre moulds.
AA601EGEETransmission cases, truck axle housings, wheel cylinder blocks, railway tank car fittings, marine hardware, valve bodies and bridge rail parts.
AC601 CC601EGEEUsed in applications where corrosion resistance combined with high strength is required. Used in food, chemical, marine applications and in particular automotive wheels. Its potential is increased by heat treatment.
DA601EGEEHeat-treatable alloy having excellent casting characteristics. Used for pump parts, marine hardware, automotive housings and cases, water cooled cylinder blocks.


Specifications available on request.


Aluminium alloy sacrificial anodes are available for use in Cathodic Protection Systems. Please see AMAC Corrosion's
Aluminium Anodes page for further details.